User FAQ

Try to find a psychic that matches what you are looking for. For example, different psychics specialize in different areas. Mediums specialize in contact with those crossed over, love readers and empaths specialize in picking up what others are feeling or needing in relationships, fortune tellers specialize in names, dates, and places. If you are looking for a medium to tell you how your mother is doing on the other side, talking to another kind of psychics might not provide the answers you are looking for. Not all psychics specialize in names, dates, and places, so if looking for this kind of information, find someone who their profile specifies that this is what they specialize in. Each profile is tagged based on skills so looking under the “Skills” heading on each profile to find the right match for the type of reading you are seeking.

You can use the search options on the home page or the directory listings page to search for a compatible psychic. Psychics are searchable according to their location, whether they are available to offer instant readings, and by key words. You only need to fill out one option if only one option is important to you. For example, if only location is important to you, input the name of your city, state, or country (depending on whether you are looking for an in-person session or willing to travel). Not all psychics offer in-person readings, even if they are listed by their location, but the search may help you find a psychic who is available for in-person readings in your area.

To search by key word, the psychics input their skills into their online listings which help to tag psychics to certain keywords. You can try using key words like “love,” “relationships,” “career,” “medium,” or other identifiers to find the right match for you.

You can also select a category of “Directory” or “Instant Readings” with a key word. Selecting the “Directory” category will help you locate a psychic which you can visit their website and make an appointment. Selecting the “Instant Readings” category will help you find a psychic who offers readings by pay-per-call.

To post a question to the message board, you can visit the “post a question” page and fill in the form. An account will be created for you. You can then view all your questions (or submit new ones) through the client dashboard (labeled “Your Inquiries”) under the “account” menu in the upper right corner of the website.

Messages posted to the message board are deleted after 30 days, or you can delete them yourself from the “Your Inquiries” dashboard.

For questions regarding the Instant Readings section of our website and speaking to an instant reader, see the Click4Advisor Q & A page for more information. 

You can leave feedback for an advisor on their directory page where it says “Leave your rating.” All ratings are moderated to meet approval. For more information on leaving ratings on directory listings see the feedback page here >> . If you have spoken with a psychic through the pay-per-call platform, you can leave feedback while logged into the Click4Advisor back end. See the Click4Advisor Q & A page for more information here>> 

Only registered psychics with a listing on this website may submit a product or article for our consideration and not all articles or products may be considered. It depends upon whether we feel the product or article is a good fit for our website.