Psychic Advisor FAQ

Psychic Advisor FAQ

Complete the questionnaire on the “Post a Profile” page. Please make sure you see the rules and guidelines listed here >> before making a submission. Needing to make changes later to content and images could incur a fee of $30 (for the web designer to make the changes). Make sure to select “Directory” on the list of categories. Selecting the “Instead Readings” category is optional. Upon submitting the questionnaire, you will be offered a list of options. To submit a free listing, click the free listing option. For FAQ on our paid listing options, see further down this page for more information. You can view or delete your profile once it has been approved from the psychic dashboard here>> (you must be signed in to view it). If you need to make edits, contact Only one profile is allowed per person.

You must have a website listing your services to be approved rather than just a social media page. Please keep phone numbers and online scheduler links (such as to platforms like off the profiles and submit at least one experience that relates to being a psychic/healer. Users can contact you through your website or by email.

To apply to offer instant readings, you must have an approved listing in the directory and be willing to be tested. If you would like to be considered, upon filling out the questionnaire, make sure to select both the “directory” and “instant psychics” categories. If your listing is approved, you will be contacted by someone from our support team to schedule a test reading. The, you will be sent the instructions to getting listed in the pay-per-call listings (using the Click4Advisor platform) and/or to set up a test reading.

Under special circumstances psychics are permitted to be an instant psychic without a directory listing. For example, working online as an instant psychic elsewhere but not having a website to list yourself in the directory. If you feel you have special circumstances, feel free to contact to ask to be an instant psychic without a directory profile.

First, complete your profile. After previewing your profile and selecting to ‘submit’ you will be given options to choose from. To feature your profile, select one of the options to feature your listing (for 30 days, 90 days, 180 days, or 1 year). Featured listings are displayed in random order on the home page for fairness. This is done with code that cannot be manipulated (using a WordPress plugin). Your listing will also be highlighted within the main directory.

If you already have your listing approved on the directory, or wish to renew, you can use sign up for a package though clicking here>> .

To submit an article for consideration to appear on this website, send your article to  Not all articles are approved depending upon content, readability, spelling and/or other issues. To make your content as reader friendly as possible you may wish to consider using a editing service, like those provided by, to edit your articles for a minimal fee.  

To submit a product for consideration to be published on this website, send an inquiry to Products can include tangible items that can be purchased on amazon, cafepress, etsy and other online venues. It is not guaranteed that all products will be approved. No intangible or promotional products please. We also will not consider books/ebooks/downloads which focus on subjects like to selling, marketing, SEO, or self-promotional items. We do consider books and other items that relate to the categories of spiritual books, divination cards, psychic tools, jewelry and crystals.  

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