Psychic Advisor FAQ

Complete the questionnaire on the “Post a Profile” page. Make sure to select “Directory” on the list of categories. Selecting the “Instead Readings” category is optional. Upon submitting the questionnaire, you will be offered a list of options. To submit a free listing, click the free listing option. For FAQ on our paid listing options, see further down this page for more information. If you have any difficulty submitting a profile/resume, see the video on this page for a guided walk-through. You can view, edit, and delete your profile from the psychic dashboard here>> (you must be signed in to view it). Only one profile is allowed per person.

To apply to offer instant readings, you must have an approved listing in the directory. If you would like to be considered, upon filling out the questionnaire, make sure to select both the “directory” and “instant psychics” categories. If your listing is approved, you will be contacted by someone from our support team with the instructions to getting listed in the pay-per-call listings (using the Click4Advisor platform).

If you already have a listing that has been prior approved, simply contact us at instantreadings@naturalbornpsychics.com and we will send you instructions and a link for you to add yourself to our click4advisor group.

First, complete your profile. After previewing your profile and selecting to ‘submit’ you will be given options to choose from. To feature your profile, select one of the options to feature your listing (for 30 days, 90 days, 180 days, or 1 year). Featured listings are displayed in random order on the home page for fairness. This is done with code that cannot be manipulated (using a WordPress plugin). Your listing will also be highlighted within the main directory.

If you already have your listing approved on the directory, or wish to renew, you can use sign up for a package though clicking here>> .

Registered uses with a directory listing are permitted to submit articles for consideration to appear on this website, send your article to articles@nbpsychics.com.  Not all articles are approved depending upon content, readability, spelling and/or other issues. To make your content as reader friendly as possible you may wish to consider using a editing service, like those provided by scribendi.com, to edit your articles for a minimal fee.  

Registered psychics with a directory listing are welcome to submit a product for consideration to be published on this website. You can send an inquiry to shop@nbpsychics.com. Products can include tangible items that can be purchased on amazon, cafepress, etsy and other online venues. It is not guaranteed that all products will be approved. Intangible goods, unless they are links to kindle books, are unlikely to be considered. We also will be unlikely to consider books/ebooks/downloads which focus on subjects like to selling, marketing, SEO, or self-promotion. We do, however, consider books and other items that relate to the categories of spiritual books, divination cards, psychic tools, jewelry and crystals, and which can be linked to websites like amazon, etsy, or other online shops for purchase.

Open the page for the inquiry that you would like to respond to. The, click the “Apply for Job” button. A panel will drop down. If you have not yet signed up for an account or submitted a listing, you will be given the opportunity to do so. If you are logged in and have a profile/resume, when you click the “Apply for Job” button a form will load for you to send a message to the person who made the inquiry and to submit your listing as a candidate them to approach you for a session.

User FAQ

You can use the search options on the home page or the directory listings page to search for a compatible psychic. Psychics are searchable according to their location, whether they are available to offer instant readings, and by key words. You only need to fill out one option if only one option is important to you. For example, if only location is important to you, input the name of your city, state, or country (depending on whether you are looking for an in-person session or willing to travel). Not all psychics offer in-person readings, even if they are listed by their location, but the search may help you find a psychic who is available for in-person readings in your area.

To search by key word, the psychics input their skills into their online listings which help to tag psychics to certain keywords. You can try using key words like “love,” “relationships,” “career,” “medium,” or other identifiers to find the right match for you.

You can also select a category of “Directory” or “Instant Readings” with a key word. Selecting the “Directory” category will help you locate a psychic which you can visit their website and make an appointment. Selecting the “Instant Readings” category will help you find a psychic who offers readings by pay-per-call.

To post a question to the message board, you can visit the “post a question” page and fill in the form. An account will be created for you. You can then view all your questions (or submit new ones) through the client dashboard (labeled “Your Inquiries”) under the “account” menu in the upper right corner of the website.

Messages posted to the message board are deleted after 30 days, or you can delete them yourself from the “Your Inquiries” dashboard.

For questions regarding the Instant Readings section of our website and speaking to an instant reader, see the Click4Advisor Q & A page for more information. 

You can leave feedback for an advisor on their directory page where it says “Leave your rating.” All ratings are audited to meet approval. Only ratings that are positive and not publicly bashing toward the psychic will be approved. If you strongly feel that the website needs to be advised about a particular psychic, you can contact customer support directly. We understand that not all readers give perfect readings on all days or at all time, but we do want to be advised if psychics are abusing this website or uploading a listing to provide services that are either unethical or fraudulent.

To leave feedback for a pay-per-call reading, you must do this through the Click4Advisor platform. See the Click4Advisor Q & A page for more information here>> 

Only registered psychics with a listing on this website may submit a product or article for our consideration. Not all articles or products are considered. It depends upon whether we feel the person who is submitting is only submitting a profile to post a product for free and whether we feel the product or article is a good fit for our website.

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