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Natural Born Psychics was inspired by psychics who were looking to create a psychic website that was more “psychic friendly” while also still being “client friendly” at the same time. We talked among ourselves about what we liked working on some of the popular pay-per-call venues out there and also what we didn’t like in order to come up with something more attractive when it came to issues such as commission percentages, public ratings, the way psychics are promoted, and more.

Thanks to a lovely wordpress plugin called “Job Manager,” Natural Born Psychics was able to add a client message board as well. You can read more about this and some of our other site’s features below.

Our Features?

We offer both paid featured and free directory options. Those psychics who are featured will be displayed first in the directory in random order. Non-Featured psychics will be displace following the featured ones, again in random order. This helps to create more feeling of fairness and a rotation where all members of both groups have the opportunity to be visible in equal ways.  

As stated above, the psychic directory pages on this website will generate a “rand” (for random) output when it comes to the psychics listings. This gives psychics in the directory the opportunity to have visibility without there being assigned any particular order (e.g., by name, ratings, or newness). The only exception is those psychics who choose to feature themselves through purchasing a package. This is true for appearing on the home page as well.

For psychics who sign up to provide instant readings, their listing will showcase according to scripts provided from Click4Advisor which order psychics based on online availability and other factors.

We offer a review system that is more positive and friendly to the psychics. While anyone is free to leave a review, those reviews which are verbally abusive or attempt to publically hurt a psychics reputation are discouraged. We hope that clients feel comfortable contacting support privately over any concerns they have with a psychics. Such concerns can then be investigated. We understand that psychics are not God’s who can see everything and have different specialties and off-days, but we do want to know about psychics who are using unfair tactics or who threaten or abuse clients in any way.  We are not offering a ratings system and more going by a testimonial type of system in order to encourage more honesty from psychics. If psychics fear being left bad ratings for offering the truth, then they might become more liable to cushion their readings or tell clients what they want to hear rather than what they really see. 

This happened to be built into the wordpress template that this site made use of and so why not keep it? This feature allows potential clients for psychics to post questions or issues on a message board in order to have psychics give a response or offer some form of information to use as validation of a connection. The inquirer can then choose among the psychics who is the best choice to receive a paid reading (either by pay-per-call or contacting the desired psychic at their website). 

On most sites, psychics have to hide their personal information or can be suspended from a website for giving out contact information. While we do hope that those who do instant readings are respectful and not deliberately try to drive traffic (which we pay to attract) off the website, we do understand that sometimes clients may want to contact a psychic off the website for a scheduled session at a lower rate. As long as a psychic doesn’t abuse this privilege we are fine with clients being directed off the pay-per-call system to get more in-depth help or even free assistance off the website. 

Pay-Per-Call Revenue Structure

  • C = Click4Advisor Fee (for managing registration, for taking care of payouts, customer support, credit card transactions, and other elements of using their system to connect callers to clients.
  • N = Natural Born Psychic Fee (for website management and advertising).
  • P = Percentage to Psychic (this is the percentage of call revenue that is paid out to the psychic).

*Note: These percentages are calculated after the connection charges have been deducted which are different for different countries. You can control in the back end of Click4Advisor, however, which countries you would like to connect with if you want to keep your connection charges low (i.e. to connect with someone in the US if you are a US citizen is 0.12 cents per minute).

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