Profile Directory Rules

Tips to Getting Your Profile Approved

  1. Before signing up, please make sure you have a complete profile and have edited it for how you want it to show (with content and with your profile image). You will not be able to edit your profile afterwards without paying a $30 fee for the web designer to make changes.
  2. Your image and content may be tweaked during the approval process for capitalization issues, grammar, paragraphing, image sizing and proportions, etc. This is to make sure it reads clearly and is consistent with the website. Your title and name may also be edited if you didn’t follow the rules signing up. The information under education and experience may also be edited for readability and length (max 150 characters).
  3. Keep you name realistic. It should be a name/pen name that is real in nature (a first and last name) as apposed to something like 1111Angel, Mystical Wanderer, Master Psychic, Angela Tarot, or something that is overly anonymous in nature.
  4. Keep your listing titles basic and non-competitive. Phrases like “Master Psychic” and others that are similar may be edited out of titles though you can include them in your profiles. With listing titles, please stick to “Psychic,” “Spiritual Advisor,” “Clairvoyant” and other basic specialties.
  5. Please have a real website or blog even if you are just using a site like blogger. Please make sure the website lists you as a real person and has a place for people to contact you and set up an appointment. Websites that only offer pay-per-call buttons, facebook pages, and profile pages on other psychic directories or pay-per-call sites aren’t accepted.
  6. Your email linked with your directory page for users to contact you must be a real email. Also, if we try to send you an email from and it bounces, your profile won’t be approved without a way to contact you, so make sure to add us to your accepted email list.
  7. This site discourages over-inflation of gifts to protect users from getting the wrong ideas about psychics and feeling deceived. If you use phrases such as “best in the world” or “99% accuracy” your listing may not be approved. For content, please stick to education, qualifications, and other information without over-inflation of ability or making false promises.
  8. This site does not allow the use of stock images to represent yourself, even if you have paid for the image. Talking to a lawyer, it is not necessarily legal even if you pay for a stock image to represent the person in it as yourself. Stock photos can be used for website pictures and article images but not necessarily for a person to represent themselves as the person in the image (that they are the same person). The same goes for using the images of celebrities or images that are not of yourself on the internet. You must be the person in the image and this website will google search your image to make sure it is not a stock or other image. In a few cases I have let psychics use an image of their own artwork or no image because they wished to remain anonymous on the website but in general this is an ethical website and users should be able to trust the psychics that they are who they say they are.
  9. 4. Keep your links and videos relevant and tasteful. Adding content that comes across as mass-marketing, spam-like, scam-like, or manipulative (like spells or curses) could get your profile rejected. This include links or videos that send viewers to pages that use aggressive marketing techniques, programs on wealth building, SEO, or other content that isn’t relevant to offering readings. We are looking for psychics to list themselves who their main services is giving psychic readings or healing work.

If you submit a profile to the directory and it is approved, we ask that you copy and past the following banner code on your website.

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Natural Born Psychics" width="273" height="85" /></a>

Natural Born Psychics

Pay-Per Call Listing Rules

There are guidelines set by Click4Advisor to protect both advisors and users and have their own set of disclaimers, terms, and conditions. We suggest you follow these guidelines. Those who do not follow those guidelines could find their Click4Advisor profile suspended.