The Love Crisis Survival Guide

The Love Crisis Survival Guide


The Love Crisis Survival Guide is a condensed, informative manual full of emotional support and healing advice for women who are suffering from a broken heart or other frustrating circumstances in a relationship. The Love Crisis Survival Guide will tell you how to: *Re-spark your individual, creative passions.

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*Rediscover your strength, power and individuality. *Understand why your partner gives mixed messages, and learn what you can do about it. *Set real boundaries in your relationship. *Know the difference between lower level love strategies that fail and higher level strategies that work. *Understand and deal with a love triangle. *Handle someone who won’t commit. *End the cycle of getting involved with the ‘wrong people.’ *Salvage a failing relationship. *Get your ex back if he truly loves you. *Discover the real potential of an internet romance. ***and much more***

About the Author

Mystikka Jade is a natural born psychic empath who has been working in the metaphysical and psychic industries since the age of 18 in 1993. Her career began on psychic 900 lines such as The Kenny Kingston and Gary Spivey Psychic Networks, as well as in person at a variety of metaphysical bookstores and parties in the Southern California area.


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