The Color of Love Divination Kit

The Color of Love Divination Kit


A 169 card kit (3 card decks and pendulum chart) for giving love & relationship readings.

This kit contains two 72 card decks, one 24 card deck and a pendulum chart. All cards except the pendulum chart are poker sized (2.5 x 3.5 inches). They are smaller than tarot cards and take up less space.

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The first deck, The Color of Love, consists of 72 cards which can be used to read a love interest’s intentions or where a current romance is going (or if it will happen). The second deck, The Color of New Love, consists 72 cards which can be used to read new love relationships that may come onto the horizon. Also included in this kit are a pendulum chart (from the Color of New Love deck) and a deck of 24 court cards with astrological features (a feature of both the Color of Love and the Color of New Love).

Both divination decks were created as a professional intuitive reader looking for something that could be used to read relationships (both new relationship and those already in form). It helps to tune into a situation more clearly.

Both card decks have astrological and color features. You can do a reading using the side of the deck that has writing on it (going by those definitions), or you can turn the deck over and read using the colors, symbols or astrological sign. Astrological signs can help to predict the general personality of a relationship or to help with time frames.

For example, if asking what astrological energy there is to a relationship and one draws the Taurus card reversed, then a relationship might be affected by stubbornness, possessiveness or the negative qualities of Taurus. If asking when there will be a reconnection and one draws Taurus, then one might intuit it would happen in late April or the month of May.

Color energies can be read in upright or reversed fashion as well. White upright might be purity and good intentions. Reversed it might indicate a need to make one’s motives and intentions more pure. Black upright might refer to transformation, mystery or depth. Reversed it might indicate a relationship is affected by darker qualities or the shadow self.

The blurbs on each card are to be read in similar fashion as you would read images. They are less to always take literally but to take the key tone and apply it to a particular situation or see an overall energy when you draw a few cards together.

There is a manual included which lists the color energies and how to use the cards.

Note: Using print on demand technology it is a little more expensive because decks are not printed in bulk. I had to go with the medium pro box which adds 9$ to the price. Please also understand that I can’t control card sorting through what this website offers. You might receive all the cards mixed together and need to separate them into three separate decks.