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Profiles may be tweaked by administration when it comes to capitalization issues, to maintain consistency with the website design, and to make sure psychics followed the rules when signing up when it comes to listing titles, use of names etc. Unfortunately, there is no ability for psychics to edit profiles after they have been created and approved. If you wish to change the content to your profile through providing new images or content to be uploaded, there will be a fee charged of 30$ to make the changes for time involved. Make sure you contact after to let us know you made a payment with your images and the content you want to use. Only content approved by the website will be uploaded, so please make sure it goes by the rules.

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Please add yourself to the facebook group if you wish to be notified of posts to the message board (inquiries looking for readers), to offer your video for the video channel, or for general updates and news.

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Natural Born Psychics

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Below is a button to use on your website if you wish to offer instant readings on your site. You can find the link to link the button to through pressing your instant call button and using the link in the search bar of the pop-up window that pops up. When using it on your website you might want to select to open the link in a new window. If you need help, contact .