Leaving Feedback

If you found a reader through the directory or message board and wish to leave feedback, you can do so through visiting the psychics directory listing and finding the feedback/rating section at the bottom of the page. If you contacted someone for an instant reading, you can leave them feedback through the Click4Advisor back end.

What type of feedback is approved?

All feedback that is left on directory pages is held for moderation to make sure it meets approval. Below are a few of our rules:

  1. Psychics cannot leave feedback on their own profiles. All reviews submitted must be by customers alone.
  2. We ask that users please keep ratings positive, supportive, and friendly.
  3. Please make sure your reviews are free of links, contact information or spam.

If you should have real issues with a reader that you accessed through the directory and do wish to leave a complaint, please contact support@nbpsychics.com directly after following the below:

  1. If you found them through the directory pages and scheduled a session with them through their website, try approaching them to work things out or to express your concerns. Some readers will offer refunds to customers who are unhappy with a reading.
  2. We ask users to understand that even good psychics can have bad days and may not connect with everyone (or may have certain areas they specialize with over others) and to take this into consideration before making a complaint.

Things to watch for in a reader which we may want to know about:

  1. Readers who offers spells or curses. Especially for large amounts of money.
  2. Readers who want you to pay for them to meditate, light candles, or pray for you.
  3. Readers who encourage psychic addiction by being overly solicitous.
  4. Readers who are sexually or in other ways inappropriate with you.
  5. Readers who are using the instant reading platform and who ask you to contact them on their personal website for paid sessions. This behavior is called “poaching.” This said, users are welcome to contact on their own (free of solicitation) a pay-per-call advisor through the advisor’s website.

Over all, please do remember that we are just a directory and we do not wish to police every person who makes a profile. So, we ask all users to please use discretion about what services you hire for and who you trust and see our terms and conditions.