Apply To Be An Instant Reader

How to Sign Up

In order to be an instant reader you have to be part of the directory and have an approved listing (you can submit a listing here >>). You must also be willing to be tested. In the sign up form for the directory you will have the option to select to be in two categories: Directory and Instant Reader. Select to be in both. You will be contacted to set up a time to be tested. When adding your profile to the directory, please use a realistic name and photo when you sign up and try not to add words like “medium,” “psychic” or other non-name words to your name (i.e., Michele is better than Psychic Michele). Pen names are acceptable if they are realistic. All photos are google searched to make sure there are no copyright issues and that they are not of celebrities or stock images.

Already have a Click4Advisor account?

This is no problem. Simply use the same email you use for your other account to sign up and both accounts can be merged so that when you are busy on one, it will show you busy on the other as well. You can go into your Click4Advisor back and under “Availability” you will see a menu link titled “View All Accounts.”  On this webpage you will see the message:

If you have an account that does not appear here, make sure your email address for that account is the same as your other accounts here and you have completed the advisor profile, and that you have notified Click4Advisor at to update your W-9 tax ID information for the missing account.

Pay/Fee Structure

This site using the Click4Advisor platform to offer instant readings. Once your directory listing is approved, you will have to sign up with Click4Advisors using a group link (which you will be provided with) to make an account. You can offer phone readings, chat readings or both and you can charge 3.99/minute to anything above that (3.99/minute is the minimum).

The breakdown for fees when joining the Click4Avisor website (after call connection fees) is:

  • 15% goes to Click4Advisor for the use of their platform and their handling all payments (including advisor payments)
  • 22% goes to the website for advertising and other expenses
  • 63% goes to the advisor

If you have any questions you can contact .

Click4Advisor Advisor FAQs

Taken from the Click4Advisor “Help” webpage

You need to fill out your Advisor Profile, which includes setting your per-minute rate and creating your Phone Link, then submit your Advisor Profile. You then need to set your Availability and/or your Schedule. If you registered with an Advisor Group, then the moment you complete your Advisor Profile, the Advisor Group manager will be sent an email with your Phone Link details so that they can post your listing with their group. If you do not see yourself listed on the Advisor Group’s website, please contact the particular Advisor Group with whom you signed for assistance.

Advisors’ Payouts are made every Friday for the prior week’s aggregate income. Prior week time period is Monday through Sunday. For example, Payout on Friday, May 14th will be for transactions that occurred from Monday, May 3rd to Sunday May 9th. If Friday is a holiday, then Payout will be made the following Monday. Payout will be made electronically via Direct Deposit to Your bank account or PayPal account. A balance of at least $20 must accrue in Advisor’s System account before Payout is disbursed. A Payout can be delayed if you have not submitted the required W9 and Direct Deposit Authorization Forms, so please remember to send the forms before your first scheduled Payout date.

The minimum per-minute rate an Advisor can set is US$0.99. (To be a Natural Born Psychic instant reader, we ask you select a minimum of $3.99/minute). 

By default, once you register with Click4Advisor you are NOT Available to receive calls. To change your Availability status, from the Click4Advisor Member Web Interface, click on the Availability button and see if you are “currently set to receive calls?” If it says “Yes”, and you want to change to “No”, simply click on the drop-down box, choose “No”, then click on the “Change Availability” button. If successful, you should receive a message that reads: “Updated Successfully. Now, you are not available to receive calls.” When you are not in front of the computer, you can change your Availability by calling in to the Click4Advisor Dial-In service at 1-888-626-7386. You need to have your Dial-In ID and PIN handy though. For more details on the Dial-In service, see the Dial-In section below.

For outside to USA/Canada users, you should call 1-510-897-1288 to access dial-in service.

The default availability for your Advisor account is 24×7. You can manually turn your Availability “On” and “Off”, or you can set your own pre-determined Weekly Availability Setting through the Web Interface. Your Availability must be “On” to receive calls during your weekly available hours.

In the Click4Advisor Advisor Web Interface, click on the Availability button and then click on the Weekly Availability Setting link. Set your availability for the 7 days of the week using the 24-hour system. Remember, our server time is set to Pacific Standard Time (PST), so if you live anywhere other than the West Coast of the United States, you must adjust your times accordingly.

There are two ways, depending on whether you assign a Weekly Availability Setting or if you manually turn your Availability “Off”. In the case where you assign a Weekly Availability Setting, in the Click4Advisor Member Web Interface, click on the Availability button and then click on the Weekly Availability Setting link. Below the weekly time, there is a text box with the heading ‘Unavailable Message:’ Enter your customized unavailable message here. In the case where you manually turn “Off” your Availability, then just enter your customized unavailable message in the text box in the Manual Availability Control section.

Check your Manual Availability Control in the Click4Advisor Web Interface. It must be turned “On” to receive calls during your weekly available hours.

In the Click4Advisor Web Interface, in the Manual Availability Control section you may manually override your weekly setting by turning your Availability “Off”.

There are two ways for you to change your phone number for incoming Click4Advisor calls. The first is to go in the Advisor Profile of the Click4Advisor Member Web Interface, change the number in the ‘Phone Number to Receive Calls’ box, and click the Submit button at the bottom of the page. Your new phone number will be effective immediately. The second is to to change your phone number by calling in to the Click4Advisor Dial-In service at 1-888-626-7386. You need to have your Dial-In ID and PIN ready. For more details on the Dial-In service, see the Dial-In section below.

There are many ways you can market your services using your Click4Advisor Phone Link. You can put your Phone Link into your personal or business web site to attract callers. You can make the Phone Link Pop-Up Page your own personal Web Page and market that to callers. The link also works in email campaigns, online advertising, directory listings, etc. Please refer to our Marketing Your Click4Advisor Service guide, for many creative and effective suggestions.

The Dial-In service number 1-888-626-7386. Click4Advisor Dial-In service allows Advisors to manage their account even when they are not in front of a computer. As an Advisor, you can Change your Availability, Check your Account Balance, and Change your Phone Number through the Dial-In service.

To use the system, you need to have your unique Dial-In ID and PIN. To access your Dial-In ID and PIN, in the Member Web Interface, Account Information section, click on the Update Dial-In Pin link. There, you will see your unique Dial-In ID and you will prompted to create your personal Dial-In PIN. Once you have these numbers, you begin using the Click4Advisor Dial-In service by calling 1-888-626-7386.

For Users to call Advisors through the Dial-In service, Users need to know their own Dial-ID and PIN, as well as the Dial-In ID of the Advisor the User wishes to call. Your Advisor Dial-In ID is visible in your Click4Advisor Phone Link popup box.

The 1-800 Dial-In service has a “Find an Advisor” search function in the Dial-In System to allow Users to search for Advisors from the phone. Users can search and Find you even if they do not know your Dial-In ID. Users can find you if they have a pending Free-Minute promotion from you, if you are available or not, or even if you are just a member of the Advisor group the User is associated with.

To take advantage of this search function, you need to record your Advisor Name. To do this, just call the Dial-In System (888-626-7386) and select Option 4 and follow the prompts. A link is also at the top of your Advisor Profile page that prompts you to Record Your Advisor Name. If you have already recorded your Advisor Name, then the link prompts you instead to Play Recorded Advisor Name. Please listen to the recording to determine whether it needs to be redone for improvement.

You will know when you receive a Click4Advisor call because you will hear a voice prompt when you answer the phone. Press 1 to accept the call and to be connected with the caller, press any other number to reject the call. or press 9 to reject the call and to turn your availability to OFF, press 9.

Click4Advisor defines each transaction with a Call Status. If you receive a Click4Advisor call and there is nobody on the other end, you can determine the Call Status for that particular transaction by logging into your Web Interface and clicking on the Help? link located in the ‘Status’ column in the Transactions section. Here, you will find the definitions of the Call Status assigned for the transaction.

No. There is no extra cost for using the Dial-In service, and every activity that is initiated through the Dial-In service is completely integrated with the Click4Advisor Internet system.

An Advisor Group is an authorized provider of Click4Advisor services. Generally, an Advisor Group leader has developed a website and provides a great deal of marketing and advertising to attract customers to their website. Individual Advisors can sign up with an Advisor Group by entering the Advisor Group ID during the Advisor Registration process. In return for the website placement, maintenance, advertising and marketing the Advisor Group leader does, Advisor’s generally allocate a certain percentage service fee of their transaction to the Group leader.

Yes. You may create multiple accounts independently or with numerous Advisor Groups. To control the traffic of calls to you, our system is designed to recognize across all your accounts when you are busy with a call through one account. So, when a User calls you, they will know you are in session with another caller and will have the option to ‘Submit a Callback Request’.

Also, by logging into your Member User Interface and clicking on the link ‘View All Accounts’, you will be able to see all your accounts displayed on one page.

Yes. Promotions are a great way to generate new business because it attracts new Clients. Click4Advisor allows 3 free promotional minutes to new Users only. To set up your promotions, go to Manage Promotions, located in the Availability section, and click on the ‘Create New Promotion’ link. Here, you will be able to set the promotional code you want to use, when you want the promotion to start, and when you want the promotion to end.

Advisors who are associated with an Advisor Group cannot create their own promotions because the promotions are managed by the Advisor Group Leaders. Although, you can check with your Advisor Group Leader to see if a special arrangement can be made.

When a User is trying to reach you, but you are busy with another call or unavailable, they can ‘Submit a Callback Request’ and get connected the moment you become available again. This saves the User the hassle of having to continuously check to see if the you are free.

You can always review current ‘Callback Requests’ submitted by your clients via the ‘Callback Request’ link found in the Transactions section of your Interface.

To enter notes about a particular session for future reference, click on the Usage Information link, in the Transaction section from your Web Interface, and locate the User and Call you want to enter notes for. On the far right of the page, there is a ‘Enter Notes’ column. If no notes have been entered for this session, the entry will read ‘New’. Click on ‘New’ and then enter your notes. When the notes have been submitted, the entry will then read ‘Edit’.

There are two ways for you to view previously written notes for a Client. The first is by going into Usage Information, under the Transactions section, and clicking on ‘Edit’ from the ‘Enter Notes’ column. When the Pop-up window comes up, click on the red ‘Click Here to View Users Note History’. The second is by going into the Transactions section and clicking on the ‘View Users Notes’ link.

The message center is a great way for you to contact Users who have called you in the past. Through your Web Interface, go to the Message Center section and click ‘Create New Message’. If you know the name of the User you wish to contact, you can just type in his/her name or use the drop box to locate the User’s name. Another way to sent a User a message is from the transaction log. From the transaction log, located in the Transaction section, locate the User and just click on his/her name. The Pop-up window should take you directly to the ‘Message Center’.

Please contact our support team at, to enable International capabilities. There is no charge to enable this service, but connection fees vary from country to country, so please review the connection fees from the countries you are interested in allowing, and be sure to price your per-minute rate to account for the International connection fees.

In order to prevent accidental charges assessed to Users due to Advisors’ inaccessibility specifically during times of advertised ‘availability’, Click4Advisor utilizes a 30-Second Buffer Zone. The Buffer Zone allows Users to be connected to an Advisor’s phone line for up to 30 seconds without being charged.

As an Advisor, when you designate yourself as ‘Available’ in the Click4Advisor system, you should always be available and ready to answer User/Client calls. In the unlikely case wherein special circumstances prevent you from answering directly a User’s call, but is however received by someone else or an answering machine at your number, a User will have up to 30-seconds to disconnect the line to avoid being charged for such an unsuccessful call.

You may send the following link to your customers which will allow them to provide feedback quickly after an advice session has ended. Please note that in order for the customer to leave feedback, the transaction must have included at least 6 paid minutes and be within 7 days of the transaction date. 

Fraud and identity theft are major issues on the Internet. Please follow these few commonsense guidelines when dealing with Users to help minimize charge-backs.

– Be wary of Users who seem completely unconcerned with the amount of time they spend on the phone and thus completely unconcerned about how much money they are spending.

– Be wary of Users who seem too young and may be using an older family member’s credit card.

– Be wary of Users who seem very desperate or unstable.


If you have any questions that were not answered here or if you have any suggestions (about Click4Advisor FAQ), please contact