Weekly Reading for the Week of November 14 to 20

Reading on Trump Presidency
13 Nov, 2016

Weekly Reading for the Week of November 14 to 20

For this week, since emotions are so strong concerning Trump winning the election, I did a card reading on what Trump was here to teach us using the Earth Empaths and Healers Oracle. This is a healing deck so sometimes the cards can express in the negative form to offer something we can heal in ourselves and with regard to the collective energy of our time. The cards I drew are below:

Karma - Trump

Genetics or Karma

With this election, fear has sparked in some people the realization that our past complacency might have lead to an out of control situation when it comes to our political system and how helpless we’ve all become, unable to defend ourselves from elements of deception or corruption.

For some, Trump has become a sort of savior figure that we hope will solve some of the problems that confront us. For others, there is a lot of anger and fear. Underneath some of these emotions could be the harsh realization that there is some level of responsibility we need to accept for how we let a bad situation go on for too long (or what we enabled).

Drawing another card asking for more clarity on the Karma we are learning, I draw the “Past Lives” card. What I immediately see are periods of revolution such as the French Revolution and communist revolutions. The revolutions were often driven by the feeling that the lower classes were being treated less fairly than the upper class and that the leaders in power (the ‘elites’) had more and were corrupt. This created a division between two factions of the population: one faction (the proletariat working class) wanted to chaotically topple the other faction (the elite class) to restore fairness and balance. However, what would result was a period of chaos and terror (and this is what a third faction of the public feels afraid of). So possibly we can look at some of the revolutionary periods throughout history for any lessons we can learn from and how we want to respond in the highest and best way for all.

Trump - Carelessness

Industrial Fires & Explosions

Now is not a time to be careless or explosive. There is a need to be less reckless concerning our world. People might be experiencing a lot of shadow emotions. Trump supporters may feel angry with those who don’t support Trump (for expressing their emotions). Those who don’t support Trump might be willing to do anything to change the situation, which can lead to carelessness or reckless activity. While emotions need to be able to rise to the surface, we need to find ways to release this pent up energy without losing control.

Distressed Sea LifeDistressed Sea Life

I see this card as representing a change to the flow of migration back and forth between other countries and the US. People may be altering their migratory patterns to have to find safe harbor in some other country or may be expelled from the United States to have to go overseas or back home to where they immigrated from.

It is also a good time to care for oceans and sea life. Because water reflects our emotional and intuitive realms, it is a time to restore healing and balance to these areas of our lives.

Distressed Wildlife

Distressed Wildlife

This card focuses on how US citizens may feel distress at this time or in danger of being pushed out of their habitat. Perhaps, we will see people of other races being deported and hopefully no lives will be lost in all the upset.

Now is a time we might find people are reacting more instinctively. It is also a time to remember to respect one another regardless of race, political affiliation, beliefs, or culture.

Your Feelings Matter!Your Feelings Matter!

In the tense aftermath of this election, it may help us to maintain harmonious relationships with others if we allow everyone’s feelings to matter. For Trump supporters, you can help make things a more smooth transition if you can understand and have compassion that the conspiracy-based “I want to topple the system” energy of the movement which has its own aggressive elements could frighten others who may either believe less in conspiracies or who pick up on some of the chaotic elements of the movement and its leader.

The same thing can be said for those who don’t support Trump. The feelings of Trump supporters do matter and we will further harmony between us if we can listen to others and talk about what we fear without becoming defensive or attacking one another.

Sometimes, we just have to let people work energies out and its a time in the world that there are going to be movements where people take a stand on things and not everyone always agrees on the stance taken. Everyone’s feelings do matter however. Look at Standing Rock as an example. One reason Trump supporters like Trump is that he is a symbol for free speech and being able to say what we want to say without too many filters.


Release Trapped Emotions

This election has brought up a lot of trapped emotions within people that need to be released. Perhaps we carry frozen emotions of feeling trapped, helpless, or defeated by a political system (or other authority figure) that didn’t always have our best interest. Try not to suppress your emotions regarding what is taking place, but also try to make sure to release your emotions constructively. Good methods for releasing trapped emotions include journaling, exercising, screaming into a pillow, peaceful resistance (think of Gandhi), or other safe means of release. Yes, sometimes it means being able to stand up for yourself in a public forum of opinion, but try to be respectful in the process, even if you are feeling heated up.