Reading for October 31 to Nov 6, 2016 – Using the Spirit of the Wheel Meditation Deck

Spirit of the Wheel Oracle Card Reading
30 Oct, 2016

Reading for October 31 to Nov 6, 2016 – Using the Spirit of the Wheel Meditation Deck

This is a reading of the collective energy and what we are asked to collectively focus on for the week of October 31 to November 6, 2016, using the Spirit of the Wheel Meditation Deck by Linda Ewashina (artwork is by Jody Bergsma and the publisher is US Games Systems, Inc.).

For a video review of the deck, see here>>

For this reading, I’m using the Sacred Pipe Spread that is in the back of the guidebook for the deck. There are 8 cards to this spread and they are laid out in the following order:

Card Position 1: Mother card. How would the gift of feminine energy aid us right now?

RecuperationFor this position I drew card 12: West (Mudjekeewis)

This card in this position warns us that the chaos and yang/masculine energies (that are highly wound, sped up, and focused on conquest) of the outer would are leaving us feeling lacking and malnourished in some way. It is time to retreat from all the chasing after what never leaves us feeling fulfilled and to find a way to rest, recuperate, and to pull within a little (nurturing the yin/feminine energies).

Only when we connect to this feminine energy and the heart beat of mother earth will we be able to heal individually and collectively at the deepest level. We need to listen for that heartbeat and to “feel the pulse of oneness that is the blood of her very existence.” We can use the meditative and restful state to tune into guidance, wisdom, and direction, to know what would best serve us collectively on our path.

Card Position 2: Gestation. What area of collective life is currently undergoing growth? How can we become more highly evolved?

Shedding of our SkinFor this position, I drew Card 26: Freeze Up Moon

This card advises us that there is need to bring extinction to something in order to prepare the way to a different kind of future or mind-set. The type of extinction this card (in this position) asks us to focus on is the letting go of outdated collective patterns, habits, addictions, rules, infrastructures, and traditions in order to manifest change and create a world that is more evolved. Such an evolution is will not only be brought about through the thought level, but through our actions and/or in-actions (what we begin to withdraw our energy and support from). Action and in-action both arise from our thoughts, after all. We have the opportunity to translate our higher evolved wishes and intentions into actions that can manifest more concretely into the world.

This shedding away of what no longer serves us will help bring our world more into alignment with the energy from card position 1 (balancing the masculine with the feminine energies). But to achieve this, we have to stop playing roles (or taking them so seriously) that have been handed down to us and prescribed by others, culture, and society. It is safe to begin to see these roles and rules as the illusions that they are. They are only made real by the power that we collectively give them and through believing we have no other choice but to give them such power. The longer we continue to play these roles, the more we risk losing ourselves. We have the choice to realize that we no longer have to identify with ourselves as empty vessels which are meant to be filled with material goals and external seeking (which our western culture and media has brainwashed us to see this as our identity). For even when this act of filling ourselves up this way brings us great successes, awards, recognition, and privilege, it can never truly satisfy our soul’s longing for what is truly lacking. These roles block our spiritual light from shining through into the world in a way that such light can truly become a healing force.

While going through this kind of great shift or ice age can leave us feeling vulnerable, we can call upon our inner strength to help us to break through the illusions of the world to discover who we truly are in spirit.

Card Position 3: Creation. How are we evolving at this time? What direction is our collective feminine energy taking?

RenewalFor this position, I drew card 30: Renewal

We are in a time of change, and in order to facilitate this change, the collective energy has become ignited in a way where there is the experience of new insights, political unrest, awareness of injustices, environmental upsets, emotional and physical burnout (overusing our masculine forces and energies), and health issues (some of which is the effect of living in an ever-increasing toxic world). From this, though some of it appears negative, we can enter into a period of new growth and renewal where the divine masculine can come more into balance with the divine feminine.

The yang or masculine energy is represented by the sun, action, desire for conquest, fire, light. When over-exaggerated and not balanced with the Yin or Feminine energies, we can become burned by it and suffer from exhaustion, burn out, dehydration, and anxiety (all the effects of too much fire and sun). The yin or feminine energy, by contrast, is represented by water, non-action, receptivity, the moon, intuition, and feeling. We need the water and feminine element to both re-balance ourselves and to help us heal our environment (which Mother Nature is a feminine element) and our relationships (which can become focused on sexual conquest and passion over the feminine qualities of nesting, compassion, and nurturing). Our current governmental system is very masculine and patriarchal as well, and as we move toward forming spiritual communities and tribes that are less dependent upon the current patriarchal infrastructures, this will help to bring balance through bringing in the feminine energy of community as opposed to the masculine energy of “every man for him or herself.”

The card in this position also encourages us that, in this cleansing, shifting, re-balancing, and renewal process that is taking place, this is an inspirational time filled with hope even though there is work to still be done. We have the power to move forward as we are feeling more confident and inspired in ourselves, while coming into our own power, We can keep this momentum going while adjusting what needs to be adjusted with it as we continue to grow, evolve, and become more enlightened about who we are, our condition, and how our condition was manifested.

Card Position 4: Birth. What rewards will we be collectively receiving for our hard work?

Harvest Moon CardThe card I drew for this position was Card 24: Harvest Moon

This card continues from where the last one left off and reminds us that while we are in a period of shifting and renewal, we’ve also moved through a period of affluence for ourselves and come into a lot of insight and knowledge. Of all of this affluence, we can take stock and use it toward being prepared for the future and any changes that might be coming that would leave us feeling caught off guard. There is a reward involved with being prepared for what would come next.

This said, it is not a time for wasting what we have, any of the knowledge we have received, or any our resources (especially those of Mother Earth). It is a time of gathering, resting (to reserve our energy for when it is needed later), and preparation.

Card Position 5: Father Card. What is our collective connection to the masculine energy revealing to us right now? How is it affecting us?

Card of WisdomFor this position, I drew Card 33: Wisdom

This card portends the coming of a teacher or a new teaching(s) that  is going to arrive on the scene. The wisdom of these teachings is a gift that is” not to be taken lightly.” So, now is a time for us to collectively open our heart to learning because we are in the position to receive something of real value. So we should open our hearts to the teachings that surround us everywhere, the wisdom of elders or to learning from the elders in our communities. It is also a time to support our teachers and elders in their sharing.

Of whatever we learn, we are guided to share this learning with others.

Card Position 6: Intellect. What area of our collective life is currently in need of stimulation? What new things can we become inspired to learn about?

Big Winds Moon CardFor this position, I drew Card 18: Big Winds Moon

This card warns us that our intuitive life is currently in need of stimulation. In this position, this card portends that we haven’t been paying to prophecy, or to the warnings and signs in front of us. While our intuitive abilities have been awakened to a degree, we have been using intuition toward our own ego’s agenda’s rather than using it to gain a broader spiritual understanding of the energies that are going on and how we can evolve collectively and change (and be prepared for changes that are coming). This card in this position warns that we need to stop self-sabotaging ourselves through our hyper-focus on greed and an energy of consumerism and consumption. This energy, when combined with ego and our opening up to spiritual influences, negatively results in abuse of the occult, psychic addictions, and obsessions rather than true enlightenment, growth, and collective healing.

This card urges us that we need to be able to get out of our own way to take a leadership position to free ourselves and to less live our lives as followers of what is. This includes giving up on following all of the gurus, teachers, best sellers and others whose teachings continue to urge us to remain codependent and needy to fit in. We can overcome this codependent stance through an energy of self-discipline and being focused on using our intuitive ability to know what path will take us toward right action and toward restoring balance in the earth plane and with our connection to other planes of existence as well.

Card Position 7: Action. What is the best possible action we can collectively take at this time?

South CardFor this position, I drew Card 11: South (Shawdonese)

This card advises us that we are at a stage in our collective existence where we have outgrown what no longer serves us. It encourages us to find a way to transform our inner world of values and fears.

We can start to face our fears, particularly the fear of change and of letting go of patterns that sabotage our moving into a new stage of existence where we can in more concrete ways:

  • care about the collective
  • care about the children coming into the world and the world we leave them
  • honor the divine Mother/Mother Earth
  • protect our ecosystem
  • bring about the peace, healing, and transformation in the external world that we’ve been waiting for

Some of the lessons we are learning may not be easy, may be painful, or may require sacrifice. But they will be worth it and we will be able to look back on them later, understanding their importance.

It is no longer enough to talk about and focus on concepts of “vibration,” oneness, peace, and love when they aren’t matched by our actions within the world. This is a time where we can learn through the effects of the collective karma we are weaving for ourselves that every action holds it own vibration and can move us toward something constructive or can further us toward a destructive course. We will know when the vibration on the planet has truly changed because our personal “vibration” will no longer physically or emotionally support or enable the corrupt corporations, power structures, and other entities that feed off our money and energies and desire to take control. These “entities” are merely symbols of what is lower within us which we give our power away to.

With a true change in vibration, we will witness the dismantling of nuclear power plants, missile facilities, and the boycotting of polluters and greed-based businesses. They will not be able to remain standing in a world that is focused on the good of all. We will achieve this “more evolved vibration” only when we understand that our energy will always choose to align what matches its vibration. So, only when our vibration truly becomes purified, balanced, and evolved will we begin to align with different kinds of collective “entities” (including infrastructures and companies) that arise from a “higher” place within us to support a similar kind of energy and values.

Card Position 8: Manifestation. What final outcome can coming together bring for us collectively?

Cleansing CardFor this position, I drew Card 29: Cleansing

If we collectively follow the path that is suggested through this spread, the final outcome for us will be a profound period of cleansing. Such a cleansing will encompass not only the physical through purifying our bodies and the body of Mother Nature (through refusing to pollute either any longer), but the cleansing of our psychic nature, emotional nature, and intellect as well. Through this we will be able to bring the world and ourselves into healthier lifestyles and values that both we ourselves and nature can tolerate (allowing man to live in harmony with nature once more).

Some of the changes or cleansing coming for us we may have no control over and some of it we may be able to control. But the result of the cleansing will make room for something more positive to come into form. Structures, values, and institutions we have cherished may have to also be cleansed and we may be called to make a few sacrifices in the process. In the end there will be a releasing of many of the burdens that we do not need to cling to anymore.



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