Reading for October 24th to 30th: Balancing Masculine & Feminine

Isis Oracle
22 Oct, 2016

Reading for October 24th to 30th: Balancing Masculine & Feminine

Isis Oracle This is a reading of the collective energy and what we are asked to collectively focus on for the week of October 24 to October 30, 2016 using the Isis Oracle by Alana Fairchild (artwork is by Jimmy Manton and the publisher is Blue Angel Publishing).

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I used the “Golden Sun of Horus” card spread offered in the Isis Oracle guidebook to conduct this reading. This spread has 9 cards. Drawing one card at a time, I laid the cards out (see the image to the left).

Card 1

Card 1: The issue at hand at the deepest spiritual level 

I drew “The Brother in Darkness” card.

The channeled part of the card definition states: “The Brother in Darkness card indicates that there is a negative energy either within you or outside of you but directed toward you that is providing you with a spiritual test, beloved initiate.”

This card represents spiritual tests. These tests comes in the form of a “negative energy.” According to the message of this card, even if this energy is outside of us, because we are all “one,” we have to accept the energy is within us as well. So, ultimately, we are all responsible for both the positive and the negative that arises in the world.

While we are presented with a negative test, the cards ask us not to view it with fear or anger, but to instead rise above the test through using the feminine power of compassion. Part of the path is to honor the darkness and use it as a path to greater consciousness. We are being asked not to fight against negative emotions and conditions while trying to forcefully remove them, but to instead use compassion and understanding to release our resistance to allowing these the negative to flow through us (and to become processed). When we refuse to acknowledge, understand, have compassion for, or process the negative, it can remain stuck and unresolved within our energy field, floating around to at times come to the surface to remind us that it is still there.

Pillar of LightCard 2:The spiritual lesson that you have been learning up until now in relation to the core issue

For this position, I drew the “Pillar of Light” card.

This card tells us that the lessons we have been learning up till now have related to the need for us to focus on service to the whole through becoming a channel of light and purifying ourselves so that we achieve a more pure and balanced vibration. This card also asks us to balance the masculine and feminine energies. The masculine can represent the higher or faster energies (mislabeled as the “good” vibration) and the feminine can represent the slower and lower vibration (which has been mislabeled as the “bad” vibration).

Becoming more balanced emotionally, slowing down, and becoming more moderate rather than excessive will help us in this process and get in touch with and to honor the feminine/yin again in balance with the masculine/yang. Currently, the feminine is being undervalued in the world and we see this in how woman are often mistreated (especially as sexual objects to be conquered) and also how Nature is mistreated (as a Feminine/Mother object to be conquered, taken for all She gives/has, and pillaged). There is a lack of caring and compassion for the hurt, harm caused, or feelings involved. Women, these days, try to even dumb down their feelings to become more man-like and unemotional in order to tolerate casual sex, one night stands, etc. and this is represented all over the media as empowering women to make them stronger, more man-like, and giving them choices they never had before. Nature is similarly expected to keep giving and giving and never slow down or to react to when too much is taken from her (or her reaction is viewed in a casual way without understanding the need for love within Nature that is left wanting). While this isn’t wrong or bad, the best course of action is balance between the two energies in a way that doesn’t undervalue one of the polarities. When out of balance, woman begin to feel that they need to “get with the program” in order to be stronger and more masculine in the world and to cope with things that is not really within the woman’s feminine, emotional, nurturing, and nesting nature to cope with.

In contrast to this, the qualities of the masculine are valued and put on a pedestal both spiritually, in our relationships, in career areas, and more. Even our ascension plans include escaping Earth and seeing oneness and wholeness outside of Her rather than learning we can inhabit the world and to create a bridge or marriage between the Divine Feminine and Masculine. We also tend to value the masculine/yang through how we tend to collectively give value to the concepts of “faster,” “better,” “stronger,” and “acquisition” over the more feminine/yin qualities of reflection, meditation, surrender, release, and peace. Though both masculine and feminine possess dual qualities and are neither all good or all-bad, they work best in balance. And this is the lesson of this card.

Ancient Power MysteriesCard 3: The spiritual lesson, guidance or gift that is coming in the near future on this matter that will help you move swiftly through it. 

For this position, I drew the “Ancient Power Mysteries” card.

This is a card of using sound healing to heal a situation, to change how we speak about a matter, and finding the courage to use the power of our voice toward a common good. Our voice and ability to communicate sound or vibration is a powerful tool and we are responsible for how we choose use it or even how we choose not to use it. As I am writing, I immediately start hearing the words and music of the song “The Sound of Silence.”

Eye of HorusCard 4: The hidden forces that you do not recognize consciously as of yet that are part of what is happening and why

For this position, I drew the “Eye of Horus” card.

This card is about us expanding our intuitive and healing abilities and to pay attention to our inner knowing when it comes to triumphing over the darker energies, such as with;

  • letting toxic relationships, addiction, and patterns go
  • bringing the environment (a feminine symbol) and political system (a masculine symbol) into balance
  • honoring the feminine and masculine in balance
  • healing various schisms and splits we have created between the masculine and feminine, dark and light, higher vibration versus lower, “positive” versus “negative,” so that we can find the middle ground and find purity, understanding, compassion, harmony, and balance.

Scales of BalanceCard 5: The effects of the world, relationships, other people or situations apparently beyond our control on this situation

For this position, I drew the “Scales of Balance” card.

This card is another card about the healing of the divine Masculine and Feminine. When we heal these polarities (through bringing them into “mutual respect and balance”) we can attain more power. The card write up states: “As these energies come into mutual respect and balance, you [or we] attain great power, presence, and healing effect in the world of the Soul and in the human world of forms here on Earth.”  We can also balance the masculine and the feminine in our relationships with others through balancing give and take, activity and rest, aggression and passivity/submissiveness, activity or over-striving to make things happen and receptivity and surrender, and other polarities.

According to the card message, some of this may include sexual healing or trantra. Appreciating our bodies and the expression of both the male (passion, virility, drive to conquer) and female (commitment, fertility, nurturing and nesting), enabling the activity of sex to become a sacred activity that can bring us more into harmony with a partner and with masculine and feminine aspects of the world and ourselves.

Chariot of AscensionCard 6: What do we need to know about this issue now from our higher guidance?

For this position, I drew the “Chariot of Ascension” card

This card is about learning to live more in a spirit of conscious oneness not only through our spiritual endeavors but through our bodies. While we are all connected spiritually beyond the physical, we are all connected physically within the physical world and share a connection with Nature as well. We can learn to use our physical body, desires, and choices as a chariot of ascension, higher consciousness, and understanding of our inter-connectedness and oneness.

Card 7: WhaDivine Sisterhoodt do I need to do now about this from my higher guidance?

For this position, I drew the “Divine Sisterhood” card.

This card asks us to be more community minded, community conscious, and thinking about how we fit in as part of a collective. We can join together with others who share similar light-filled values whether it be toward a cause or a way of life. This increases our ability to manifest more light into the world. This card states, “Community can help you gain the added power of group effort to rise above the old patterns and lift each other into new patterns that are so much more real and beautiful.” It is no coincidence that off-grid, intentional, eco-friendly, and other forms of communities (including spirituality-based ones) are on the rise at this time.

Talisman of PotencyCard 8: We ask that our higher guidance help us to see any pitfalls or mistakes to avoid for a quicker and easier resolution

For this position, I drew the “Talisman of Potency” card.

This card asks us to use the physical world and its objects as tools to become more aligned with or ascended into light. It asks us to create a bridge between the spiritual and the physical world not only so that we bring the world into the light but that we ground the light into the world.

We can do this through through focusing on service to the whole, and channeling light in a way that our spiritual values change how we live within the world so that our efforts and the results that manifest are constructive of the values we wish to cherish (peace, love, harmony, reverence for nature, etc.) rather than destructive.

The opposite approach would have us instead create a schism between both spiritual and material worlds. We see both worlds as entirely separate. As a result, we attempt to channel our light in a way which keeps us conforming to the current values and dysfunction in the world, haphazardly without realizing what we are doing and what it manifests for us as a collective. As a result of the schism (and out of fear of change, feeling defeated, loving comfort and valuing convenience), we live our spiritual values in the mind with no ability to actualize them on the Earth plane. We can thus manifest in a destructive rather than constructive manner, despite our wishes to bring more light through us into the world as well as more balance, harmony, reverence for Nature and other beautiful ideals.

Spirit of IsisCard 9: What is the highest possible healing outcome hiding in this situation?

For this position, I drew the “Spirit of Isis” card.

This is a card of not giving up on or feeling defeated concerning what we feel we have come here to achieve and to do (reaching for enlightenment, finding inner peace, balancing the masculine and feminine, coming up with a creative breakthrough to the core issue of this reading). It is a card that encourages us that we can conquer our challenges.We continue our practices toward living in the highest intention for the good of all. We can use feminine strength and loving devotion to accomplish this task.


Mandy Peterson

Mandy Peterson

Mandy Peterson is a intuitive empath, relationship psychic, energy worker and author. She is author of the book "I am the Lotus, Not the Muddy Pond" and divination decks and kits such as the EFT Divination Kit and the Color of Love Divination Kit. She has been a contributor to Bellesprit Magazine, Shesique Magazine and Om Times Magazine. Find out more about her at her website:

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