Reading For Nov 7-13, 2016 – Using the Angel Prayers Oracle Cards

Angel Prayer Oracle Cards
6 Nov, 2016

Reading For Nov 7-13, 2016 – Using the Angel Prayers Oracle Cards

This is a reading of the collective energy and what we are asked to collectively focus on for the week of November 7 to November 13, 2016, using the Angel Prayers Oracle Cards by Kyle Grey (artwork is by Jason Mccreadie and the publisher is Hay House).

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For this reading, I’m using the Strength, Heart and Challenge Spread that is in the guidebook for the deck. To focus the reading, I asked what the subject should be. What came up was the subject of “world peace.” There are 3 cards to this spread and they are laid out in the following order:

Card 1: Represents the strengths we have as a collective at this time when it comes to manifesting the peace in the world that we desire

Archangel SandalphonFor this position, I drew the Miracle of Prayer card. The angel on the card is Archangel Sandalphon.

This card, in this position, indicates that as a collective we long for peace in the world and we are using our prayers to ask for help from the angelic realm to achieve this end. This card also gives us the encouragement that our prayers are being heard and answered, even if it seems sometimes that this is not so. We just might need to shift our perspective a little bit in order to accept the assistance, lesson, and/or guidance that are being offered. Asking if there is anything else we need to know on the subject of prayer, I draw the “Clear Your Vibes” card. This card encourages us to both clarify our intentions and clear out whatever is blocking us from using the miracle of prayer in the purest and best way. This includes clearing out any contradictory prayers or intentions, lifestyle choices, clutter, being scattered or ungrounded, or anything else that is harsh or negative that stands in the way.

For example, many of us within the new-age community have little difficulty accepting the notion that prayer and our thoughts are necessary to create the outcome we desire (i.e., peace). The next step is to understand how to ground our prayers and intentions through action. Action, after all, is a form of prayer that is in motion. When a person or a collective acts toward creating something desired, what arises becomes so much more powerful.

If, however, action (which can include our everyday actions and lifestyles) is not aligned with what we pray for collectively (i.e., peace, love, harmony, etc), then what arises will be of mixed, confusing, or neutral results. This is because two opposing intentions will have the effect of canceling each other out. When confused in such a way and sending out conflicting messages about what we truly want, we can’t always expect that the divine world as our helpers will sort out all our mixed prayers and intentions for us or let us take the easy way out.

We can learn to shift the way we pray to ask our divine supporters what action is needed and how best we can achieve the end that we want (world peace) in the highest and best way for all concerned.

Card 2 – Represents the blessings that we carry within our collective heart

Express Your CreativityFor this position, I drew the “Express Your Creativity” card.

This card in this position expresses that we have a lot of creative ability within us and the desire to use it to achieve a result. This is to be seen as a blessing.

When it comes to the topic of “world peace,” we are being encouraged that we can use our hearts, minds, creativity, voices, songs, art, and other means to help our prayers to be answered (carrying on from the energy of card 1). We can ask our angels to help us find ways to express this creativity. We can also ask our angels to guide us on the best possible course of action to fulfill this dream of ours.

All in all, our creativity and creative pursuits can act as a form of “prayer in action.” Such endeavors carry an intention of energy behind them that has manifestation power.  It is also important to note that expressing our creativity needs not be restricted to helping us manifest personal things for ourselves alone. Instead, the card in this position, and in a collective reading, points to joining our creative efforts with others to bring about a change in our outer collective world. We can start asking, “What can I do, and how and where can I join my creative efforts with others in order to bring more world peace about?”

Card 3: Represents the challenge we face. This is the part of our life or the guidance we must focus on in order to achieve the goal or the peace we are asking for

Love and Accept YourselfFor this position, I drew the card “Love and Accept Yourself.”

This card in this position points to that our biggest block to creating world peace is our low self-esteem and our need to prove ourselves materially in order to feel good enough about ourselves. Sometimes, it is this sense of low self-esteem and inability to love and accept ourselves that traps us in seeking external validation from various sources: in the world, our environment, our relationships, our culture, and more. We can create the peace we want in the world if first we can let go of some of these dependencies and create more peace within our very heart and the heart of the collective through finding the peace of loving and accepting ourselves for who we are beyond a need for fame, money, power, conveniences, and how we can keep up with the Joneses.

When we understand we are unconditionally loved by the Divine (and ask our angels to help us in our understanding of this), we can start to let ourselves off the hook for all the small ways we struggled to be enough for ourselves and the world. Part of letting go of this struggle will help us achieve more of the personal and collective peace we are looking for.


Mandy Peterson

Mandy Peterson

Mandy Peterson is a intuitive empath, relationship psychic, energy worker and author. She is author of the book "I am the Lotus, Not the Muddy Pond" and divination decks and kits such as the EFT Divination Kit and the Color of Love Divination Kit. She has been a contributor to Bellesprit Magazine, Shesique Magazine and Om Times Magazine. Find out more about her at her website: