Why Did Two Different Readers Read A Situation So Differently?

Why do different readers give different readings?
8 Nov, 2016

Why Did Two Different Readers Read A Situation So Differently?

If you have ever given a reading and been confronted by a caller that your reading was different from another psychic’s reading, it has likely been discouraging or caught you off guard. And if you’ve ever frequented psychics only to receive different readings for the same situation or question, you might feel caught off guard as well. So what are some of the reasons that different readers might give a different reading of the same person or situation?

1. It isn’t different. The subject matter is simply approached from a different angle

Often, when I have this phenomenon happen to me (as the reader), what I will discover is that when the caller actually tells me what the other psychic said, it is not that different from the reading I gave. Sometimes, it is simply about the questions being asked (or not asked), the personality of the psychic delivering the message, or how the message is interpreted by the caller.

As an example, I once had a caller tell me that the reading I gave her was the “exact opposite” of a reading she got from another reader. Once she explained what the other reader had told her, there really wasn’t that much of a difference. One of us had focused the reading on a form of action that could potentially change the outcome and one of us hadn’t.

If you want to see how multiple readers can read a single caller and their situation, tune into a radio show where more than one psychic is on the air giving readings to callers calling in. Usually, there will be similar trends in all of the readings and agreeance on things, but there also may be differences. Alternatively, each psychic may bring up different details that the others missed. Sometimes, everything that each psychic contributes can be brought together, on air, to form a more cohesive picture. Other times, there may continue to be differences. The caller will usually feel drawn to one psychic’s interpretation over another’s. For some it will be to the psychic with the most favorable reading and for others it will be the most practical or something else about the reader or their reading.

2. The personality of the psychic influences the type of reading they give

If you were to approach several of your friends about a challenge that you face, you might hear different advice from each one based on their different personalities. In the same theme, you might hear different advice from different psychics based on their differing personalities as well. For example, a blunt psychic that is focused on the caller making the best choice for him or herself might suggest that a love interest who never calls you is not “the one.” They may frame the reading in a way it should end, or they may focus on someone better coming in the future. Another psychic who is more empathetic to the fact that you unconditionally love your love interest will likely approach the reading in a more supportive way and never even think to look into any other love interest that may be coming.

You may even want to consider that if a reader is too nice or empathetic, they may wish to shield a caller from information that might be too harsh or traumatic. After all, how would you feel about telling your boss (the person who pays you) something negative that they might not want to hear? Some people can do it, while some people can’t.

3. Black-and-white thinking and selective memory may be influencing the caller’s interpretation of a reading

Black-and-white thinking is often underneath the issue of a caller misunderstanding what is being communicated within a reading. It also is responsible for the phenomenon of “selective memory” (when a caller remembers only the positive aspects of a reading and forgets the negative or vice versa). Even within a reading, the caller may misinterpret that a psychic is telling them two different things unless they can move beyond the tendency toward black-and-white thinking to be able to see the shades of grey. This habit could cause confusion if it appears that different psychics are saying things that are the “opposite” when they are not.

As an example, a psychic stating that there will be a “reconnection” can mean that a caller could expect as little as a few texts that lead nowhere to a full renewal of love.  You’d be surprised how often I will ask callers, “What type of reconnection did the other psychics say would happen?” and the caller can’t answer this question because the focus of the reading was only on, “Will they call again?” If such a caller then approaches another psychic who focuses on the fact that it will only be a brief reconnection and to look for someone new, then it could feel like a completely different reading from one that only focused on, “He misses you and you will hear from him again.”

4. Black-and-white thinking patterns may influence how a psychic reads a situation

In a similar manner as point #3, psychics, themselves, can end up trying to force readings into neat black-and-white little boxes. This can sometimes even be due to feeling pressured by an anxious caller who is demanding a black-and-white answer to a question where there really is none.

Also, remember that the “think positive” movement tends to support black-and-white thinking patterns.  Fear and anything negative can come to be seen as “all bad” while focusing on the positive and positive emotions come to be seen as “all good.”  Even psychics that teach the Law of Attraction may believe that if the caller thinks “positive” about their situation and avoids thinking negatively, they can manifest the outcome they desire.  They, thus, may not wish to offer negative information in the case it has a negative influence.

5. The use of tools may sometimes influence how a reader gives a reading

I had one caller ask me the question whether the tools that a psychic used had any effect on why one reader’s reading was different from another’s. This is a hard topic to discuss.  Sometimes, there can be bias in the psychic industry against psychics who use tools. It can be thought that psychics who use no tools are more accurate or “truly psychic.”  There can be bias in the other direction as well. The real issue may depend upon how tools are used, and whether they help a psychic using them to bypass their ego’s interpretation of information and insight. I have even talked to other readers who have told me they have given a reading without using tools and then after have pulled a few cards and discovered that the card reading offered something very different. So, if this phenomenon can happen with one reader, then it makes sense that It could also happen between two different psychics who are using different abilities or tools.

6. The psychic’s specialty can influence their reading

It is important for a caller to make sure that the type of reading they want to receive matches a psychic’s specialty. For example, a psychic who specializes in fortune telling is going to give a different reading than an empath or healer who focuses on the emotional realm and/or what you can do to heal a situation. Also, if you are looking for messages from departed loved ones or information on your past lives, going to a psychic who specializes in reading something else isn’t going to help you much. Usually psychics will express on their web pages the types of readings they specialize in. So, whatever you are looking for, you want to make sure you select a psychic that is the right match. Otherwise, don’t be surprised if a psychic whose specializes in timelines offers you a different kind of reading than a psychic who doesn’t specialize in providing that type of information.

7. The venue you are using to receive a reading can affect the reading being given

You may choose to call into a radio show, book a session with a psychic through their website, or call a psychic through a pay-per-call platform. Each venue could offer something different.

When it comes to pay-per-call sites, some psychics who offer readings through such a venue are going to be more aware that there is a meter running and that some callers may seek to rush them through a reading (which, of course, will affect it). Other psychics may wish to take a slower approach to make each minute count (since they are being paid for it). Also, if your pay-per-call reading is only 5 minutes long, you may end up missing a lot of important information that a longer session with another psychic offers. Overall, using a pay-per-call site with the wrong intention or expectations is like ordering fast food and expecting it to be a fine dining experience.

There are also rating systems in place on pay-per-call venues where psychics can be lashed out at publicly by a disgruntled caller. Not every psychic is going to want to risk upsetting a caller who may leave a bad review. Bad reviews can block new callers from making contact and can also hurt. If you want to minimize this type of interference, refrain from rushing a psychic through a reading and make sure that the psychic perceives that you are open to hearing the truth. If you are noticeably angry, panicked, defensive, or feeling desperate, understand that this could lead a psychic to want to pad a reading out of fear of how you will cope.

Pay-per-call sites often also have other systems of rewards and punishments in place. Psychics who can keep a caller on the line longer or can attract repeat callers often are rewarded through receiving points or rising up in visibility on the website. However, telling a caller their relationship is over and that it is time to move on doesn’t always entice that person to stay on the line or to want to call back again. I am not suggesting that you can never expect honest readings on a pay-per-call website or that a psychic through their website is never going to let you down. It is simply a factor to consider with wondering why one psychic’s reading can be so different from another’s.  Usually, you will be able to identify “fluff readings” through being grounded and practical.

8. The caller preps a reading and it affects the reading being given

Some callers will tell a psychic how to read them before the reading has started. Some will even start a reading with versions of:

  • “I don’t want to hear anything negative”
  • “I had another reading that such and such will happen”
  • “I read for myself and I know this is the truth and just want you to validate my intuition”
  • “I will kill myself (or be unable to cope in some way) if you can’t tell me such and such thing will happen soon”

Other ways that prepping can occur is through a caller being too emotional.  This can include being volatile, venting a lot of anger, giving a lot of attitude, or crying.  Anything that could provoke a psychic to pad a reading should be avoided.

Other times, the caller will give the psychic the reading they want to receive and does most of the talking. This is usually through talking about the situation in terms of all the signs they have received, dreams, intuitions, the angel cards they drew for themselves, the readings from other psychics, or articles on twin flames or other things that they read on websites.  If the reader tries to interject a different viewpoint, a caller can immediately get defensive and redirect the reading back to soliciting the psychic to validate their version of events.  Sometimes, it becomes almost impossible to speak to a caller in a way that might offer a different version of their reality. There is usually a pattern of unrequited love obsession (a safe way for a person who fears real intimacy to have a romance that doesn’t involve needing to actually find a real relationship) that is driving the caller to live out a fantasy relationship in their own mind.

Psychics who want to take advantage likely will. After all, clients like this generate a lot of income because they are looking for psychics they can call over and over who will validate their fantasies. Psychics who don’t want to take advantage might respond by trying to break their fantasy.

9. Dishonest and manipulative psychics

I tend to think a lot of psychics out there do have pretty good abilities and intentions. When readings are padded it isn’t always nefarious and not all psychics have the proper skills or counselling ability to deal with individuals with psychological disorders, psychic addiction, stalking tendencies, obsessive love addictions, suicidal threats, and desperation. Also, at times it can be dangerous to completely destroy a person’s hope or to break their fantasy.

The way psychics and the psychic industry get bashed shows the little understanding the public has of what a psychic is, what they should and shouldn’t be used for, and that it is an entertainment industry. Psychics can interact with all types of people for a multitude of purposes such as providing a sounding board, being a friend they can talk to who won’t judge them, or other things. However, when readings get too stuck on “accuracy” then a readings purpose is being misunderstood, psychics end up being expected to be all-knowing Gods, and psychic addiction establishes its roots.

All of this said, I’ve heard stories from callers that made it clear that there are psychics who do have more nefarious intentions. I’ve even had clients tell me that certain psychics threatened to curse them or even tried to initiate phone sex with them! It seems unbelievable that this can happen, but when it does, it is accomplished through a grooming process, as a psychic would not be able to get away with this behavior with everyone. Some things to watch for include:

  • Be cautious with psychics who try to hook you in with lures, like sending mini-readings where you have to call them to hear more.
  • Be cautious with psychics who tell you things to make you feel guilty if you want to end contact or who try to be overinvolved in your life (especially if they are using the involvement to repeatedly bring up your situation to entice you to get a reading).
  • Be careful seeing any psychic who you might end up worrying they would put a curse on you. A psychic who is working with the light shouldn’t be that scary.
  • Be careful of psychics who offer to meditate with you on a paid call, or who want to be paid to light a candle for you.
  • Be careful of psychics that offer to heal your ex, put a spell on him or her, or remove a curse from you so that your ex will come back to you.
  • Be cautious of psychics who promise 90 to 99% accuracy. Any person who expects psychics to have an almost God-like accuracy doesn’t really understand how intuition works and is putting psychics on a pedestal. This behavior often turns to trashing psychics or feeling scammed when they inevitably reveal they are fallible.
  • Be cautious if you feel desperate and willing to do anything to have what you want (an ex-lover come back, etc.) then you might attract a psychic with similar energy who will take advantage of your desperation through offering to help you get what you want, at whatever cost.

10. Abuse of the occult and negative influences

A healer a long time ago told me that if a person asks the same question over and over, eventually they are going to get a different answer or will be told what they want to hear because the other side knows they aren’t listening or willing to learn anything. And, this situation isn’t uncommon in the psychic industry. There many times I will tell a client I will not read for them anymore or I’ve refused to take on a new client because the telltale signs of psychic addiction were present. So what are some of these signs?

  • Saying that they had seen many psychics and that they feel disillusioned because none could accurately read their situation
  • Saying they saw ten psychics and all said the “same thing”
  • Having unrealistic expectations of psychics or expecting God-like accuracy
  • Wanting to test a psychic before a reading
  • Trying to manipulate psychics to read for free (they are usually sending the same email to countless psychics at the same time hoping to get responses)
  • An air of narcissistic entitlement, desperation, extreme clinging, or use of spells or other forms of manipulation
  • Complaints how they have lost money on seeing psychics
  • Expressing something that leads me to believe they have totally given their power or decision making ability away to psychics

If any of this sounds like you, I hate to say it, but angels and beings working for the light never encourage addiction, obsession, manipulation, or dependency. If your experience getting readings is leaving you feeling addicted, obsessed, or draining your life’s savings, then you are abusing the occult and have to question what energies you are working with. Even a reader working with the light can offer bad information to a person who is either lost in the dark or who is trying to force the psychic to read in a way that feeds the desire to remain in the dark. Darker energies love to feed off human addiction, obsession, manipulation, and clinging. To get out of the pattern, you might have to change how you approach a reading and consider what is feeding your desire for one: your desire for growth, healing, enlightenment, or what benefits the good of all, or a compulsion to hang onto obsessions and/or to cling to what would be better for you to let go of.

There is a reason why readings are for entertainment only. I know other psychics hate seeing their “gift” being advertised as “entertainment,” but to offer this kind of service on its own, on a pay-per-call website, or not as part of a healing or coaching session, and to advertise it as anything other than entertainment, is dangerous to someone who takes readings too seriously or who uses them for the wrong purposes.

11. Inaccuracy and a bad connection

Even in my experience being surrounded by some pretty well known psychics who would read me occasionally on things, very rarely has an outcome that was predicted come to pass, unless it was a short term outcome. Do I consider these psychics to be fakes? No. Some of them were able to pick up on details of my life that astounded me. They just were hit-and-miss at times because being “psychic” isn’t an exact science.

Also, we do have free will. There are even tarot spreads that can be used to determine more than one outcome: the one you will attract if your path remains unchanged, the one if you change it this way or learn a certain lesson, or the one if you change it another way. If you expect perfect accuracy from readers or readings all of the time, are unwilling to learn any lesson, and are unwilling to focus on personal growth rather than clinging to only what you want, you are going to be disappointed.

Overall, no caller should be roaming around seeking for the perfect psychic who is more accurate than all the others. If you are doing this, then you need to stop and to understand that what you are searching for doesn’t exist.  When it gets right down to it, if you feel really confused why two psychic’s readings are different, you may wish to ask yourself whether you are lost in a fantasy world, whether you are using readings for the right purpose, and whether you are using fortune telling to solve problems that you’d be better off using a more logical approach.




  1. Interesting article, thanks for sharing it with all of us.

  2. Hello, very interesting article. However, I’ve a question. So I had this reader giving me this prediction. Some things where not matching so I called another one, my guts were telling me something was not matching. The second psychic gave me the same reading as the first. But then the first reader changed completely the reading, everything she saw… gone. So I called, I won’t lie was more curious than anything, and ofc kind of shocked, a third reader who gave me a completely opposite reading of the situation. A friend of mine had a 4th reader read the situation for me, who gave the same opposite reading. It was about some guy. So the first two readers saw me with him (I called the second after and confirmed), while the other 2 gave a total opposite vision. Why is that? Only the 4th doesn’t use a tool, the first 3 use also tarot to confirm. It’s so confusing really. My question is simply to understand how can this happen. There are some aspects on which they agree ofc but not on the ending. According to you, why might this be? Thanks a lot in advance and sorry for the wall of text!

    • Switches in a reading can happen. I know I’ve had it happen with reading some people. Such as, someone showed coming around and then a later reading showed a change of heart or a reconnection was no longer going to happen. But, I’ve also had it where the person came back to me and told me that the person later told them that they had thought about reconnecting but then decided not to or that the person told them word for word what I told them was the reason for the change.

      I also know I’ve seen situations where getting a reading that was positive changed a course of action for the person getting the reading. For example, they would have normally reached out but they didn’t or waited too long because a reading saw a reconnection happening and they assumed it was okay to wait. I’ve seen this happen a lot with jobs too, where a person wants to know if a job is coming and if you tell them yes, they stop searching for one and this causes it to fall through. Drawing a card for your situation, I draw the “Wavering” card with “Obsession” and “Fear of Abandonment”, meaning some form of wavering was part of the energy.

      As a warning, I have also seen that if people over-read situations, or if they become obsessive or addicted, they can start attracting different answers because there starts to be more interference (spiritually and other ways). Because we can all feel energy at some level, getting too many readings can potentially create an obsessive hovering energy that can border on psychic stalking). A sensitive person could sense the hovering energy which might push them away, or even law of attraction factors could potentially be at work (setting up what someone fears will happen to happen). All I know is don’t give your power away to greed, obsession, addiction, need for control, etc or its like another energy takes over. Pull your energy fully back in your body and focus on your emotions. Get distracted and let go of codependency. Then, see if the energy changes. Also remember that psychics aren’t perfect, some might not be that psychic, may misinterpret energy, or may even be frauds. Even if you asked Jesus to give you a reading every day, it might start to change. Its not really how readings work or what they are supposed to be used for, no matter what tools are being used.

      Overall advice: Always keep in the light and get a reading for the purpose of growth and not out of anxiety, greed, to control a situation. Ask questions that relate to what lesson you want to learn, etc. Readings that center particularly on outcomes are often prone to interference because they thrive on control and fear and inability to let go. So, maybe you either need to change what is being read (asking what you can do to heal or grow or not worry about the outcome anymore) or you need to stop getting readings.

      • Hello, wow thanks a lot, thanks for taking the time to read my wall of text and replying! This article helped a lot! Again, thank you so much!!!

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