Book Review: A Guest In Their Universe

A Guest in Their Universe Book Review
16 Sep, 2016

Book Review: A Guest In Their Universe

by Belle Salisbury

Author Mandy Peterson weaves an engaging dialogue with Nature’s animals and Mother Nature Herself in this inspiring book.

“If we could talk to the animals, learn their languages, Think of all the things we could discuss. If we could walk with the animals, talk with the animals, Grunt and squeak and squawk with the animals, And they could squeak and squawk and speak and talk to us.” From the musical Dr. Dolittle, lyrics byLeslie Bricusse.

I was always aware that animal communication was possible. I myself have communicated with numerous pets for clients; dogs, cats, and even a rooster. Following Ted Andrew’s book Animal Speaks, I accepted that nature’s creatures had guidance and messages for us along our life path. Crossing paths with them meant there was an important message for you.

a guest in their universeWhat this book, A Guest in Their Universe: An Earth Empath’s Dialogue with Nature and Animals shares with its readers is so much more than gaining information for the self. No, this has a much greater purpose; it teaches us to be mindful of our presence within this Universe, not just for the individual, but for We as a collective. We are being asked by the animals to remember why we chose to come into this incarnation.

The focus of this book is an engaging dialogue between the author and Mother Nature and Her Creatures. In reading the book, A Guest in Their Universe, I had never considered the universal messages they had to share. It was an eye-opener and an inspiration for me to rethink my direction and focus on what is truly important, not just for me personally, but for all inhabitants within this Universe. We are one…

“What you do to the self, you do to the whole. What you do to the whole, you do to the self. All is connected. “

It is suggested that it is time to release old behaviors and conditioning of what was once deemed necessary in one’s life; possessions, a need for excess, homes, land, money etc. This release of old baggage and thought processes is said to break the bondage we have become chained to. We are being shown to redefine abundance. How very fitting for this day and time to be reading such a message!

I feel in reading this book that the message will either be insightful and inspiring as a validation of the way you are living your life and viewing your surroundings, or a wake-up call for you to rethink the values we have come to deem as important.

We are not superior to any other species that dwells within the Universe. It is universal, after all, to encumber all of life; Mother Nature’s creatures, from the smallest insect to the largest of animals, have a natural way of honoring their environment and our Earth. Something we could all learn from them if we would only take the time to observe their habits and just listen as they speak. They have much to share! Their wish for us is that we each find that Angelic energy that resides within us all.

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