Becoming an Army of White Roses: An Alternative to being Pro or Anti-Trump

Alternative to being pro or anti-trump
1 Feb, 2017

Becoming an Army of White Roses: An Alternative to being Pro or Anti-Trump

Since Trump has been elected, it seems to have caused a lot of division between Pro-Trump and Anti-Trump factions of the population. This is not necessarily relegated to the population of the US either, but may affect individuals, governments, and institutions in other countries.

Note: This article was written without knowing about the feminist movement involving wearing white (connected to Hilary). It was a message passed on by guides related to the energy of the Essenes (also know as the “white robes”) who found ways to pull out of dependency upon government and to live life purely in spiritual and other ways.

As part of this divisiveness, those who are pro-Trump can seem to get frustrated and angry with Anti-Trumpers for acting out of fear, not seeing Trump how they do, and therefore not giving him a chance. Anti-Trumpers can feel dismayed how Pro-Trumpers overlook some of Trump’s negatives to see him in a favorable light, or even as a savior type of figure. Even those who are in the middle or who weren’t pro or against Trump can end up frustrated and just wishing the conflict and divisiveness would resolve itself for the sake of peace.

Because there was also such a force that was “against” Hillary (seeing her in almost a similar light), the same kind of energy could have happened if Hillary was elected for president. Something less extreme was seen when Obama was first voted in as well. Obama was originally seen as a savior by some and by others he was feared to be “Mabus” or the Anti-Christ. So, perhaps a lot of this fear is something many of us might have anyway as we approach times that are increasingly chaotic, divisive, and filled with various threats, such as of having our freedoms or privacy limited due to new ideas, new technologies, new capabilities of surveillance, micro-chipping, getting rid of paper currency, and more. They are also times where we tend to be looking for an external savior to save us from terrorists, our political enslavements, our feeling of oppression, or other circumstances.

Being normally a person who tends to have a more “activist” type of approach to situations (i.e., I have until now been speaking out against Trump hoping doing so will do “something”), a little voice within me was telling me this approach was unlikely to work for this issue. Likely, all the revolting will do will alienate us from being understood, causing further division among pro and anti-minded individuals.

With this on my mind, I went to bed early and I said a prayer. I asked for the spirit of Jesus to be present to help me to see the highest truth of the situation, without any spiritual interference, without any ego, and only the answer that is aligned with the highest will of God. Then I heard the words “You are the White Rose.” The feeling was that this wasn’t meant to be an ego type of thing because this applies to each and every one of us. We are all the White Rose because it is merely a symbol of what we are in our purest form. As I thought about this, I had a vision where I saw a garden of white long stemmed roses (with very straight stems) seeming to stand together in solidarity. Then I heard the words “this is your army” (e.g., as in this army will be the answer to the question to which I asked for an answer… about how to counteract the threat that I feel that the wrong type of government would bring to the world). The word army felt a little aggressive, but the message was that this wasn’t going to be an army that fought against an enemy but one that fought for something pure and true.

As I meditated on the idea of white roses springing up everywhere in harmonious solidarity with one another, the message came through that this is something that is symbolic: it can represent a symbolic revolution or movement. After all, everything is symbolic and symbols are capable of manifesting into the world of form because they carry within them the energy of intention. Everything that is happening right now is symbolic of where we have placed or aligned our energies and what has manifested or arisen from this.

Most people know me as less of a passive sort. I do not believe that new-age rituals and “thought manifestation” can be relied upon alone to steer us toward a loving and peaceful path. I wrote a book on how this can place us in a state of cognitive dissonance (when our intentions and thoughts do not match our actions, lifestyles, consumer choices, or the energy we are manifesting out onto the landscape of the world). However, possibly, using a symbol and working to align with that symbol may help us to a little more easily achieve alignment (or at least become more conscious of it), in order that we can make a shift that shifts us out of our cognitive dissonance and creates more of what we are truly aiming for. I think some of us hope that a state of cognitive dissonance can be solved through being either pro or against Trump—in other words, with accepting a savior or rejecting an anti-Christ figure. Possibly, we hope that if we wait or accept the right savior, this person will help to create the type of government that can help us to better align with what we value (freedom, integrity, truth, peace, love). However, likely, we can only resolve the state of cognitive dissonance if we give up on waiting for something external to help us to resolve it and seek to find internal solutions (again, this doesn’t mean complacency, since complacency can create a state of cognitive dissonance).

When it comes to this idea of the white rose, such a concept is not for or against Hillary or Trump and has no political agenda. It stands for solidarity, truth, our spiritual nature, integrity, purity of intention, and more. If we can “become” the white rose (understanding it is our true identity) we can transcend the ideologies of political divisions, sexism, skin color (racism), discrimination against religions, and discrimination of all kinds without needing to feel compromised. It doesn’t mean we have to be passive, for passivity in the face of seeing another suffer isn’t necessarily loving or kind. But the symbol means we keep our intention set on something higher and doing our best to align with that. We are all a White Rose, even Trump or Hillary. As such, we are all equal in the eyes of God. The white rose also is the color of roses used in weddings, so it can symbolize the sacred marriage or union with the divine or God.

The message continued that color (or the absence of it) is symbolic and if it helps us during these times we can begin to wear white to show our purity of intention with the political situation without being either pro-Trump or anti-Trump, or pro-Hillary or anti-Hillary, etc. (since it is made out if you don’t like Donald Trump you must like Hillary or Obama etc.). Wearing white is less aggressive than using other symbols or avatars which might take on a different kind of meaning.

Through “wearing” white (symbolically or literally), we can make a statement, not only to the world but to remind ourselves about the nature of our own energy and the energy of others. If used the right way, this can help us to forget the politics, religions, ideologies and everything else that seems to divide us in order to be able to stand for what is pure within us all. White represents spirit, it represents truth, it represents purity and light, and it represents higher values. When focused upon in a sacred way, white can be something used to represent our intention to be a force of light in the world.

Another things we can do (if we desire) is withdraw our energy and support from the current infrastructures and become less dependent upon them. This may help us to limit ourselves from aligning to something that doesn’t truly support our values. While this may seem impossible to do fully, we can do it in small ways through becoming simpler and living our lives with more balance (as opposed to craving excesses of all kinds). White, itself, represents simplicity and getting back to basics because it represents purity, innocence, and the spirit of who we are. This “spirit of who we are” can become the focus, with the realization that this spirit is “enough”—i.e. we don’t need to excessively be more to complete ourself.

Whether it is embracing minimalism (less relying on greed-based industries), going off grid (however we can), or using less power, we can be part of an energy that can serve to help manifest new energies, new structures, and new industries that operate on purer values. There is much that can be manifested from the pure intent of many people combined. As this kind of energy grows, it will become a different kind of revolutionary force that will not merely replace what is in form with something different but of similar intent. It will replace it, instead, with something that operates on purer and more loving values.