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Signs You're About To Be Dumped
6 Mar, 2018

5 Warning Signs You are About to be Dumped

Have you ever had the uncomfortable feeling that your partner is about to call it quits on your relationship? Break-ups can seem like they come out of the blue, but there are often warning signs that something is wrong. Does your partner show any of these signs that your relationship may be fading? Dropping Hints […]

How To Stop Needing Approval
10 Feb, 2018

How to Stop Needing People’s Approval (But Still Gain Their Respect)

Most people want others to like them and strive to have this goal realized. Those who become people-pleasers have low self-esteem and don’t recognize better ways to achieve their aim of attracting others admiration and respect. This article explains why people-pleasing doesn’t work and suggests ways to boost confidence and gain security and respect. Do […]