5 Warning Signs You Are Dating A Control Freak

Signs You Are Dating A Control Freak
17 Oct, 2016

5 Warning Signs You Are Dating A Control Freak

Both men and women are capable of falling for control freaks. You start off liking their authoritative ways, only to realize they like controlling everything around them (including you!). If you suspect you might be dating someone with control issues, read on to discover 5 sure signs.

Are you dating someone new and slowly starting to realize that things aren’t right? You can’t quite figure out what is wrong, but know this relationship isn’t like other partnerships you’ve been in before. If you’re feeling ill at ease and less than respected when you’re with your new partner, you might be reacting to early warning signs of someone with control issues. Review the following five signals to see if you might unknowingly be dating a control freak:

Isolates You

Mates with control issues like to isolate you from your friends and family. This can range from occupying all your time after work to not relaying messages to you from your loved ones. If you see a noticeable shift in your social circle interactions, it could be a result of your partner making concerted moves to isolate you.

Criticizes You

Controllers can be critical for no good reason. Snide remarks on your clothing choices, questioning your skills in the kitchen, or even offering unwanted opinions on your life choices; all are examples of criticisms common to control freaks.

Sabotages You

If you notice your significant other deliberately sabotaging your happiness, it’s a sure sign you’re dating a control freak. Whether they’re making sure you don’t get a promotion at work or messing up plans with best friends, a saboteur is attempting to control your life for their gain (and/or pleasure). Be especially cautious if you notice this behavior, as you don’t know exactly what they’re capable of.

Blames You

People with control issues love to place blame on others. Blaming you for their own shortcomings, making you feel like you should have known better, or faulting you for events out of your control are all signs of someone who is playing the blame game.

Too Intense

Controlling individuals can exhibit sudden bursts of intensity for no good reason. Unwarranted intensity over small incidents like a surly waiter or no available parking spots can be a sign you’re headed for trouble. Life has its difficulties; there’s no reason for your spouse to become extremely agitated over things others would just shrug off.

If any of the above five signs are present, there’s a pretty good chance you’re dating someone with hardcore control issues. Whether you stay or go is up to you, but the sooner you spot the warning signs, the better off you’ll be.

Mandy Peterson

Mandy Peterson

Mandy Peterson is a intuitive empath, relationship psychic, energy worker and author. She is author of the book "I am the Lotus, Not the Muddy Pond" and divination decks and kits such as the EFT Divination Kit and the Color of Love Divination Kit. She has been a contributor to Bellesprit Magazine, Shesique Magazine and Om Times Magazine. Find out more about her at her website: mysticmandy.com


  1. kenneth andrew briganti

    How come control freaks will.often without saying it directly if you don’t do as they want you to do they will wash their hands of you if.the control.fteak is a mentor or power of attorney over you they say they wash their hands or they tend to if I say something I don’t want to do this they say ok so you don’t want to so this they repeat back.what you just said that irritates me or your spending to much on your debit card you will be homeless without me paying your or helping you with your bills how come control freaks like to belittle you criticise you are not appreciative or have no sentimental.ways about them.are very nosey your all ways wrong tend to protect others and you close to them.are wrong all ways it seems people they don’t know are telling the truth not you when they say I want to wash their hands of you you tend to want to call their bluff and say go right ahead but fostering a deep resentment about them. As to who the he’ll do they think they are cursing them.under your breath

    • Control freaks tend to attract people they can control. While they tend to prefer to surround themselves with weak people they can control, they, at the same time, feel irritated by others weakness. In the case they attract someone around them as strong, however, this person can be seen as a challenge to their authority (so no one can really win). But generally, though they are controlling, they don’t really like they can control people (might remind them that they are controlling or how a parent was). When they see they have power over another person or can belittle them, or if the person looks up to them or asks them for a lot of advice etc, then two things happen: the person who is looking up to them is seen as weak, and they themselves may resent the role of having that kind of power over them (as it could remind them of one of their parents or just that they aren’t the most flexible or perfect person).

      In this theme, people, in general, can sometimes attract predator/prey type of relationships if they are one form of the polarity (either a bully type or a victim type). Sometimes a person comes from a family where one parent was a predator and another a prey (hence bully/weakling) . Those who hate the weaklings weakness will identify with and become predators. Those who hate the predator for his bullying will identify with the prey and likely will become victims. So, its just how it is.

      As for his saying that he can wash his hands of you, he (or she, I will just use he though throughout) is likely either 1. seeing you as challenging his role as the superior person and finding you too much as too difficult to deal with, or 2. he feels frustrated because when he sees weakness in you (because he can’t stand weakness in himself), it makes him feel irritated. As a result, he says he wants to wash his hands of you (meaning to be out of your sight).

      Sure, you can call his bluff. If it is simply out of frustration that he is suggesting he wants to wash his hands of you then it is likely he will talk to you again. Though, it depends on the situation. If he really is ready to leave the relationship or finds you too challenging, you do run the risk that he will not re-approach if you call his bluff.

  2. kenneth andrew briganti

    Should you call a control freaks bluff that they want to end with you

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